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Discount Tuition Rates (Drafted or Mailed /postmarked by the 7th of each month) & Regular Tuition Rates (begins the 8th of each month). 

Online registrations are for families who want the ease and convenience of having all of their payments for tuition automatically drafted monthly during the season, therefore always receiving the discount rate. 

We accommodate all methods of payments in addition to automatic draft.  Online registrations will be auto-drafted unless noted otherwise. For clients wishing to pay by check or with one-time credit or debit card transactions, please download the registration form and mail or scan/e-mail it to our office.

Core program classes meet weekly (please see the ‘Dance at a Glance Calendar’ for school vacation and Holiday closings). Tuition remains the same be there 3, 4, or 5 weeks, lessons, or rehearsals in a calendar 
month. To receive the discount tuition rate, payments must be cleared by the 7th of each month. All payments drafted or postmarked after the 7th are regular rate, which is an additional $10.00. Additional information is located in the East Dance Studios Student/Parent Policy Handbook, which all families receive upon registration or upon request in advance. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Monthly Discount Tuition Rate:
- One class weekly= $60.00 monthly
- Any other two classes weekly combination = $90.00 monthly
- Any three or four classes weekly combination = $130.00 monthly
- All Access (unlimited weekly core classes per student, in age/level group) = $160.00 monthly
Monthly Regular Tuition Rate: 
- Add $10.00 to any payment drafted or postmarked after the 7th of each month
Additional Discounts:
- Siblings: 1st sibling full or already discounted multi class rate, other siblings are discounted an additional 5% 
- Pay in full in advance by 3 month semester, or season and receive an additional discount of 5% 
Registration Fee: (applicable for registrations received after August 15th annually)
- $10.00 per student or $15.00 per family 


 For all other rates on elective programs (private lessons, competition, etc.) or drop in classes, please contact us.