...If your consideration of my granddaughter is an example of how you serve each of the children in your programs, and I'm sure that it is, I want to thank you and the staff of this dance studio very much.  You all have blessed my granddaughter, and I'm sure others, beyond measure.
Jeane, Newfields, NH


My daughter enjoys the fun and friendly environment of her pre-ballet class. I simply enjoy watching her smile.

Tamara, Fitchburg, MA


My daughter has been a dancer at JEDEC for 16 years. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that we found our way to JEDEC. Through the years we have become more & more impressed with all aspects of the studio, from the office staff to the dance teachers & director. The professionalism is second to none. I have always received prompt accurate responses to any question I've had along the way. I never doubt the decisions of Miss JoAnn & her staff. I have full confidence in them.

 Miss JoAnn is the most dedicated, creative & talented person I have ever met. She spends countless hours working on dance routines, music, costuming, props all resulting in a truly professional dance performance. Each year my family & I are even more impressed with the annual recital. I don't know how she does it each & every year. This is not your ordinary dance recital this is more like a Broadway show.

 Then there are the competitions & special "Disney" performances. Miss JoAnn spends many more hours investigating the best alternative & plans for her dancers and the families traveling with them. Miss JoAnn has afforded us many exciting opportunities.

 Miss JoAnn has offered new ideas to keep things fresh & updated. The program keeps current with dance genres for the more modern dancer, while maintaining the foundations needed for classical dance training.  She offers Mommy & Me for the younger ones & Intensive Training for the more advanced student, while never making anyone feel they have to participate in a particular schedule.  She is very sensitive to student and family schedules.  I love the year she offered: "Lights,Camera, Action" to expose her students to a new aspect of dance in which they are filmed just like in a real music video!  There's always something new and fun to experience here.

 I can't thank Miss JoAnn & her staff enough. Not only have they encouraged my daughter along the way to "dream, dance & achieve" in the dance world but also in many other aspects in her life; she has learned through dance to be more organized & manage her time wisely. She has also learned about dedication, responsibility & respect for herself & others. Thank you Miss JoAnn for everything from the bottom of my heart.

 Kathleen, Rindge, New Hampshire

A Proud & appreciative parent




My daughter, Victoria has been dancing at JEDEC for the past six years. Victoria has had a wonderful experience. This past year we went to Disney with JoAnn and were very impressed how she organized the trip and the dancers. Nothing was left to chance. JoAnn planned for every possible scenario. Victoria was invited this year to become a company kid-she is only eight! Victoria has worked very hard at achieving this and is now helping with a preschool class. I believe Victoria achieved this with JoAnn’s help. JoAnn is very organized getting information to her students as well as the parents. Her newsletters answer every question I have ever had-they are straight forward and easy to read. I have also found JoAnn very accommodating to special needs of her dancers. One example being my daughter has an allergy to feathers-when it was brought to JoAnn’s attention, she immediately reworked the chorography and changed her costume choice. I never asked JoAnn to do this; she took it upon herself to make the changes. With this being said, we look forward to dancing many years at JoAnn’s studio.

Thank you,

Amy, Ashburnham, MA


My daughter started with JEDEC when she was 3.5 years old. She has now just finished her tenth season. It hs not only been a wonderful experience for her but for us her parents, and her family and friends also.

 We had the opportunity to go to Disney in November of 2008. What a great time everyone had! It is something both my daughter and our family will always remember. We are also planning to attend in 2010. She just learns so much and wants to keep learning. She had the greatest time learning behind the scenes at Disney. Without Miss JoAnn's hard work this would have not been possible. Miss JoAnn made the trip planning easy and the show was wonderful!

 We have always had a good relationship with JoAnn And if ever we had a question or problem, she is there to help. I have seen my daughter blossom into the beautiful and confident young woman she is today and I know her dancing has been a huge part of that.

 We will continue to support her with whatever the future holds for her at dance. I know she will continue to learn and grow because of what she learns at JEDEC.

 We couldn't be more happy with Miss JoAnn and all of her teachers. I thank JoAnn for all she has done for all of her students that have studied at JEDEC. Miss JoAnn really does care for each and every one of them in their own special ways.


Tina, Winchendon, MA



I have seen my daughter’s confidence and social skills improve with dance. Because of having performed for the recitals and dance competition there really isn’t too much that fazes her. She always meets a new challenge head on. Also, the older dancers always helped out with the younger dancers this has helped her develop socially as she now has the ability to communicate with older kids but will always take the time for younger kids as well. 


Joe, Ashburnham, MA






What Dream- Dance –Achievemeans to JEDEC students:


 To me, Dream, Dance, Achieve is more than just our dance school’s slogan. It’s a way of functioning in dance classes and in real life. In dance class, you Dream of accomplishing something, whether it’s the mastery of a new step of the mastery of a certain genre. You Dance, so that you are able to master you new challenge and achieve your goal. In real life, you can use Dream, Dance, and Achieve. You Dream of what you want to accomplish, and you work on it until you achieve it. So to me, Dream, Dance, Achieve is important; it’s the way I’ve chosen to live my life, in dance class and outside of it. Dream, Dance, Achieve!



To dream means being able to watch professional dancers perform and confidently and without doubt say “I can do that one day”. To dream means having a continuous and vivid premonition of one day being on Broadway stage or dancing alongside the world’s most talented people with a prominent company. To dream means having a mind set of what my dance school will be like one day. To dream means to be overcome with emotion and excitement with the mere thought of being a star.



To dream means one must keep an open mind. For instance not saying “I can’t do that” or putting one's self down. If you keep an open mind, almost anything or any dream is possible.


We all have dreams and aspirations, at JEDEC there are boundless opportunities to live out ones dance dreams. It could be the pre-school student who truly “believes that she is a princess” in her first recital, the aspiring dancer who performed in Disney’s Magic Kingdom or the recreational dancer who learns to dance to a piece of music that he/ she always longed to dance to! JEDEC enables students of all ages and levels to live out their dreams!


To me dream, dance achieve means a way of life, of how to enter your own space, and a way to learn skills I need for my future goals. The word dream to me means a way to express the goals of your life to other people and to show them how you think.



When I hear the words “dream” I immediately think of my dream, which is to continue my dance training and become a teacher at JEDEC. Also, my dream is to go to college to become a delivery nurse. Dancing helps me to peruse my dreams of becoming a nurse because I’m already organized because of my dance training and I know that I need to be prepared for any classes I take, even if it is for dance class or classes for school I have learned to always be prepared.




My dreams are all of my goals that I want to achieve, so I can have an amazing life and future.




To dance means leaving your troubles and sorrows at the door, stepping out onto the floor, and chase those blues away. To dance means to be caught up in a song, the choreography, and the moment. To dance means finding yourself contently busting out into your favorite moves while listening to your ipod at school, the hallway, the street, and in your room. To dance means to be nonchalant, to dance like no one is watching, but also as though everyone is watching.



You’ll never know what you can achieve in dance, and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.



When I hear the words “dance” I think of how grateful I am to have found my passion for dance and how grateful it is to be able to dance and keep learning from my dance teacher and peers. I also thing and appreciate my parents for allowing me to be able to proceed at doing something I love to do and enjoy very much.



The word dance to me means a way of life and a way to be who you truly are, not around anyone else. I believe that dance truly equals my life because without dance I would be without a way to express my true feelings and inner self. For me being without dance would be like losing a piece of myself, an important piece.


Dance is so much more than physical exercise- I believe that it’s a way of life, “it’s in you blood”. Dance study is a work in progress- a journey of personal growth and discovery. At JEDEC, dance of all ages and levels work hard and grow together as they pursue their individual goals having fun and creating lasting memories along the way!



Dance means a lot too, it gets me away from everything and I have so much fun doing it. Even if I don’t dance my whole life, I will always remember how much fun I had doing it.




To achieve means basking in the roaring applause at a finale. To achieve means wanting to show the world what you have accomplished. To achieve means being unable to wipe that giddy smile off your face after finishing a quadruple pirouette. To achieve means feeling proud, confident, and beautiful, inspiring, accomplished, with or without a compliment.



Achieve, related to dance means to me that feeling of accomplishing something that I worked hard on for a while. Dream-Dance-Achieve is the perfect motto for a dancer like me.



When I hear the words “achieve” I think of the people who have helped me to achieve my goals and help me to follow my dreams. I have big thanks to five to all my dance teachers and Ms. JoAnn because without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.



For me the word achieve, is what dance has done for my life, it has made me achieve many skills that I will never forget and will use throughout my life. From dance I have achieved skills such as respect, teamwork, and to have a passion for something you truly enjoy making it great. I believe that dream, dance, achieve, and have given me these skills to have the drive and passion for what I plan to do with my life outside of dance. Also to become a productive, working member of society. The slogan dream, dance, achieve has given me many things and dance has given me a way to express my feeling and goals. I feel as if the years I have been dance have given me more than I can ever express.



JEDEC students make great achievements daily, one step at a time. Everyday students’ master dance steps that at one time they could not execute, this is how dancers grow. Talented and dedicated dancers win coveted awards and trophies at competitions while some audition and become professional dancers. Regardless of one’s personal goals, all JEDEC students are given a wonderful opportunity to be “a star of the day” in the exciting spring recital- a showcase of dance achievements!



Achieve means to me that you do your best to achieve your own goals. Don’t give up, keep trying. That’s what Dream-Dance-Achieve means to me.