Online registration for our 27th September to May season is live and ongoing!



For those who wish to REGISTER ONLINE NOW, here are some helpful tips to assist you with the upgraded system:


1.    Log on to DanceWorks - either by clicking the orange box link above,  or by clicking:

2.    Click on “I am a new account or student.”

3.    Complete the "account information" using your information, not your child’s.

4.    Create your password that you will use to access your account.

5.    Check off the box that says “I have reviewed and accept the Akada Software, Inc. Terms and Conditions” to continue. 

6.    Review East Dance Studios Policies and Conditions page.

7.    Type in your name (account name) in the box below as your electronic signature and check off the box to confirm that you have read our policies and understand and agree to comply with the terms of this contract.

8.    You may print off this contract, or press the continue button to continue your registration.

9.    Fill out required information: address and phone number, then hit “continue”.

10. Fill out both “Parent Information” and “Emergency Contact Information” and “Continue to Enter Credit Card Information." You also have the option to “Save and Finish Later” or go “Back to Account Information” to edit your account.

11. Enter your Credit Card Information or “Save and Finish Later." You make go “Back to Account Information” at any time to edit or update your account.

12. Enter your child’s/student’s information or “Save and Finish Later." You make go “Back to Account Information” at any time to edit your account.

13. When you log back in, remember your password is case-senstitive! 


Your account has been created! You may now view your account and begin to register your child into classes, check your balance, review your payment history, pay online, review our policies, and edit or update your account information at anytime.  NOTE: If you are eligible for a discount (i.e. multiple class discounts, sibling discounts, etc.) our Admin staff has to go in and manually adjust your account.  Even with this advanced system, we still haven't found a server yet that will accommodate our generous discounts.  Our administrative staff will therefore go in and adjust your account accordingly. 


We are also happy to accomodate e-mail or mail: 

Click Here For our printer friendly version of the 27th Season September to May Dance Schedule

Click Here For our 27th Season's Registration Form. 


Need further assistance?  Please contact us and we will be happy to help and support you.  


phone: 978.297.4440