Preschool Combination Classes

Combination class programs offer dance education and exposure of more than one dance form in one convenient and enjoyable class. East Dance Studios has found this to be an excellent choice for students of all ages and levels to learn about an array of dance genres throughout the year, and these classes have become enormously popular with parents and students alike. To be economical, children in combination classes who participate in the recital only need to purchase one dance costume per class (even when it is a combination class). Below are examples of the combination classes we offer.  For placement assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Preschool (Ages 2.5-4) Dance Discoveries: Ballet, Tap, & Creative Movement Little ones discover the fun and joy of creativity and movement in both ballet and tap (alternating weeks) in our welcoming, age appropriate, and fun dance education environment. To accommodate the popularity of our introduction to the ABCs of acro for our preschoolers, the Preschool Dance Discoveries curriculum incorporates it during the creative movement portion of the 45 minute class (this has proven to be a weekly fun favorite that the students look forward to). Please feel free to contact us to discuss the best and most enjoyable class for your child. Dancers will need both ballet and tap shoes but only one recital costume.