Pointe  (en pointe) means "on the tips of the toes" and is a part of classical ballet technique made possible by specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes or toe shoes. The technique developed from the desire for dancers to appear weightless and sylph-like and has evolved to enable dancers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended periods of time. Although both men and women are capable of dancing en pointe, it is more commonly done by women. It takes considerable strength in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, and abdomen to dance en pointe. Students must be at least 12 years of age before attempting pointe work because bones and growth plates in the feet are usually not fully hardened and developed prior to this age. Serious foot deformities can result from starting pointe too early even if the student is otherwise strong and skillful. Attempting to dance en pointe before the feet and toes are fully grown can cause career-ending damage that will prevent dancing en pointe for a lifetime. This is why East Dance Studios requires their students to receive a physician's exam and provide a doctor's note prior to advancing on to pointe shoes.  Our goal is to have healthy and happy students who can enjoy the enrichment of dance for a lifetime.

Pointe Dress Code:  Solid color leotard (black preferred), tights (ballet pink preferred), and pointe shoes (must first obtain a physical and hand in a doctor's note to East Dance Studios).  Dancers should also bring a ballet sweater, ballet skirt, and ballet shoes to class.  Please, no dance shorts or dance pants in pointe class.