To inspire dancers to follow their dancing dreams.



Years of Dance Study: 1997-present

East Dance Studios Student Demonstrator: 2004-2008

Member of The JoAnn East Dance Company: 2002- present

Dance Conventions and Master Class Training: 2003- 2012

Disney Dance Performance Troupe: 2006 & 2008

Competition Team Member: 2007- 2012

Intensive Training Program: 2007- 2012

East Dance Studios Assistant Level l: 2008-2009

East Dance Studios Assistant Level ll: 2009-2011

East Dance Studios Teacher: 2011- present

Dance Educators Training: 2009, 2010, & 2011

Office Manager: 2013-present 

Dance Courses Include:

Ballet~ Pointe~ Tap~ Jazz~ Modern~ Contemporary~ Hip-Hop- Introduction to Ballroom~ Musical Theater~ Children’s Dance~ Dance Injury Prevention~ Music~ Teaching Principals~ Acro 


Starring Roles:


BRUNO (Cinderella, East Dance Studios 2006)


ROCKETTE (The Polar Express, East Dance Studios 2007)


ARIEL (The Little Mermaid, East Dance Studios 2009)


LOTSO (Celebrations! Featuring Toy Stories, East Dance Studios 2011)


15 Year Award- 2012

Awarded The Dance Teachers Club of Boston Award for the greatest aptitude for teaching as selected by the faculty who teaches the three-year course- 2011

Dance Achievement Award- 2009

Ten Year Award- 2007

Dance Company Award- 2007

Children’s Dance Achievement Award- 2004

Five Year Dance Award- 2002




  • Talent Tally: Dancing since I was 2 ½, professional shopper, & Kimball Farm Manager (Jaffrey)
  • Interest Inventory: Pursing a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice with a career in law enforcement
  • Motivation Musts: Iced Coffee & Kardashians
  • Quirks & Quotes:  Quirk: Everything has to match!    Quotes: “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!” –Lilly Pulitzer