Jazz is a stylized form of dance that  combines rock, pop, theatrical, lyrical, and modern to produce its own style and excitement.  Technique, body placement, balance, isolations, leaps, turns, and dance combinations are incorporated into these exciting classes. Jazz is an ever changing form of dance that is influenced by culture.  East Dance Studios' faculty prides itself in constantly continuing their studies in order to bring the students the most innovative and fresh material in Jazz (and all dance forms) from professional dance industry leaders throughout the United States and worldwide. 

Jazz Dress Code: A leotard, tights, and black jazz shoes make up the "Jazz Base." Hair should be worn up. Optional items such as dance sweaters, dance shorts, or dance pants are allowed at the discretion of the teacher. It is important to make sure the student wears the "Jazz Base" so that if optional dancewear items are requested to be taken off (so that the teacher may properly instruct the dancer's technical alignments), the student will be comfortable, prepared, and ready to participate.


Fun & Educational Dress Code FYI's:                                                                                                                              Dance studios require students to wear a leotard and tights. This dress code helps ensure that a teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's body (baggy clothing masks that) for safety and proper training.  Additionally, for ballet, pink or light-colored tights will make the lines of the legs more visible utilizing the students' training. Dress codes also foster discipline and help with overall focus and energy. By "dressing the part," dancers feel like dancers. Dress codes can also create unity among the dancers and go a long way in minimizing distractions and help give classes a unified look.


Fun Fact: 

Miss JoAnn is in the picture that is featured on the cover of "The Jazz Class" by dance legend Gus Giordano.  She the honor and privilege to study with Gus Giordano at the world renowned Giordano Dance Center in Chicago.