"To touch, to move, to inspire.  This is the true gift of dance." 
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Dream~Dance~Achieve and Experience the Magic of our 8th Performance Tour to Disney in October of 2018!  This opportunity is open to all East Dance Studios' Families!

Our dancers have experienced the magic of dancing their dreams at Walt Disney World in 1999, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2013!  We are currently planning our 8th trip to Disney in October of 2018! For more information on amazing future educational experiences and performance opportunities, please contact us.


The dance studios will be closed today, 2.07.18 due to the snow storm. Help yourself to a makeup and stay safe!




 Any one of our students can be a part of the magic and the amazing value of this dance and family vacation and experience of a lifetime. Any of our students ages 7 & up can be part of the performance! For more information please contact us!






East Dance Studios'  dancers with "So You Think You Can Dance" judge and choreographer: Sonya Tayeh.

What a thrill it was for JoAnn East and our students to study with Sonya Tayeh at the March Dance Teachers Club of Boston dance convention open to certified member teachers and their students.




Lindsey Barrows, achieved a three year coveted position on the 3X Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Cheerleader Team!  On her third year, she was also appointed as the Dance Captain!  What a way to spend her third and final year! (Fun fact: NE Cheerleaders can be employeed for a total of three years, and all members have to reaudition for their position each year.)

Miss Lindsey is a 10 year alumni student of the JoAnn East Dance Education Centers. At East Dance Studios, she studied Ballet, Pointe, Tap, and all styles of Jazz including Hip Hop. Lindsey is an accomplished member of East Dance Studios/JEDEC and the JoAnn East Dance Co., and Lindsey has also participated in the JoAnn East Competition and Touring Team. Lindsey has also been a performer at three of the East Dance Studios performances at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World-Florida.

In addition, Miss Lindsey is an honors graduate of The Dance Teacher's Club of Boston's Dance Educator Training Course and has both student demonstrated and been an assistant to the East Dance Studios' facultyand staff. It is with utmost pride and greatest pleasure that we congratulate Miss Lindsey on her many accomplishments. Out of nearly 300 hopefuls who danced, kicked, free-styled, modeled, tested, interviewed, and danced some more....11 talented young women were awarded the position on the 24 member team.  Lindsey earned a position on the team for all three eligible years. Lindsey danced and modeled professionally and traveled the world for both work and charitable events, while also achieving academic excellence in college. 

Congratulations Lindsey! We love you and are so very proud of you! And, though you are humble...your talents and inner beauty shine through (now for the whole world to see!), as it did when you were a little girl and as we are sure it will for a very, very long time. Keep reaching for those stars! Dream-Dance-Achieve! For more exciting alumni news please visit the "East Dance Studios' Hall of Fame."