An Ensemble of Dancers.  An Ensemble of Training. An Ensemble of Artistry.

The Dance Ensemble is advancing to become both a level of training and a separate Dance Ensemble Company (performance troupe).

The East Dance Studios' Ensemble program offers an artistic journey of dance through a curriculum of various dance disciplines. The class atmosphere, choreography, and training is catered for the dance student who wishes to elevate their serious approach and passion for dance by training at a mature and intensive level in classes that offer a broad spectrum of dance and acro training.  

This program is open by invitation to dancers whose readiness of eligibility is observed by the faculty. In addition, students may apply for consideration into the program by contacting us at:  


The Dance Esemeble combines the very best aspects of our Intermediate/Advanced and Intensive Training Programming while providing inclusive options for all of our dancers and their aspirations.

East Dance Studios takes great pride in the success of our Intermediate, Advanced, and I.T. classes, programs, and electives and the success of its students and the advancement of our Dance Ensemble programming. 

Over the past twenty-seven years, the accomplishments have been incredible; awards, full scholarships, and professional success are just a few of the many accolades we've celebrated.

New to Dance Ensemble? We invite you to contact the Artistic Directors so that we may, together, form a schedule that fits your individual dance education and performance goals.