Competition and Touring Team                                          

In 2002, JEDEC added the JoAnn East Competition and Touring Team expanding upon its recreational competition program which began in the 96-97 dance season. This elite and elective program caters to the serious dance student who wishes to challenge themselves by competing at the highest caliber dance competitions and conventions. In the beginnings of this elective program Miss JoAnn’s dancers and choreography has earned many placements including gold medal honors, as well as first and second regional titles. The team also won the prestigious WCDE Judges Entertainment Award for the whimsical: “Bug Ball." Members of the team have also enjoyed and benefited from winning full convention scholarships through an audition process held at the conventions and judged by some of the highest regarded dance professionals in the industry.


In 2008, a new record of achievement was set. A solid gold sweep was earned at three of the most highly acclaimed dance competitions in the industry. In addition to the solid gold medaling, high score and regional honors were earned. The team also qualified for Nationals (Mystic, Las Vegas and Orlando) at each event. Congratulations Dancers!

 What makes the East Dance Studios' competition team different and special?  The competition team is a separate elective to the  core dance program.  Any student who wishes to be involved can have the opportunity.  East Dance Studios also respects that with the constant challenges students face (with balancing their academic, family, social, dance and other extracurricular activities) a student can still train at a "competition"  level in I/A classes and choose not to participate on the team.  In addition, participants and their families have active roles in voting for what venues they would like to participate in. 

 "The dance school of opportunity..." and a "dance school where all students are made to feel welcome" are compliments East Dance Studios' is thrilled and honored to have received, and look forward to continue to earn in our commitment to dance education excellence.