Ballet is the foundation of dance.  It is a classical dance characterized by grace, poise, and precision of movement.  Students who study ballet enjoy the benefits of strength, flexibility, and confidence developed by classical training. Classes consist of barre and center work, progressive dance steps, and dance combinations, all concentrating on proper techniques. Our faculty emphasizes correct placement and alignment while providing an enjoyable age and level appropriate learning environment into each class session.


Ballet Dress Code: The "Ballet Base" is a leotard, tights, “leather” pink ballet slippers, and students wear hair up and securely fastened. Students may layer optional items like ballet skirts or ballet sweatersTeachers will guide the students on proper dance attire per age and level.  Please always wear the ballet base to be prepared for class.  Students may wear the color combination of their choice to support and encourage their individuality.


Fun & Educational Dress Code FYI's:
Dance studios require students to wear a leotard and tights. This dress code helps ensure that a teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's body (baggy clothing masks that) for safety and proper training.  Additionally, for ballet, pink or light-colored tights will make the lines of the legs more visible utilizing the students' training. Dress codes also foster discipline and help with overall focus and energy. By "dressing the part," dancers feel like dancers. Dress codes can also create unity among the dancers and go a long way in minimizing distractions as well as help give classes a unified look.