Acro Dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.  We are excited to now be offering Acro for all ages and levels at East Dance Studios!

Goal:  Our objective is to build self confidence through movement while having fun and developing muscular strength, flexibility and balance. Acro dance can be seen on the T.V. show: "So you think you can dance" and other professional shows such as "Cirque de Soleil".  The benefits and skill sets of Acro Dance is great for aspiring dancers, cheerleaders and students seeking fun, physical activity and wellness.

Class Size & Dress Code:  Enroll early as we do have to enforce class size limits and a mandatory dress code due to the nature and safety issues of Acro Dance.  Waiting lists will be implemented if classes reach their limit.  Important:  Attire should be tight fitting.  Snug uni-tards, leotards and optional fitted bike shorts (boys may wear snug shorts and a shirt (without a pocket), neatly tucked in).  No loose clothing. NO t-shirts, “sweats”, or skirts.  Tights are not necessary during the warmer months.  Acro Shoes:  Ballet Slippers (leather not foamy).  Hair:  Hair should be tightly secured and pulled back from the face.  Ponytails/French braids are perfect.  No buns, sharp metal clips or bobby pins that could “hurt” when rolled on.  All jewelry must be removed.  Stud earrings may be worn.  Acro classes will perform in our annual recital, and one costume per Acro Class will be needed.  Costume deposits will be the same as our Dance Program.  Details are in the Student/Parent Policy Handbook.

More about AcroDance and what the age groups will be studying:

 Pre-school: "Tumble Tots" Ages 3&4: Preparatory Stretches, Body positions, Jumps, Leaps, Rolls, and the beginning principals of Acro Dance and its terminology.  Class is designed to improve gross motor skills, as well as incorporate the use of shapes, numbers, letters and colors to teach dance and Acro preparatory skills.

 Minis: "Cartwheel Kids"Ages 5-7: Once establishment of the preparatory skills listed in the pre-school program are mastered, an introduction of cartwheel variations and cartwheels, handstands, limbers and more challenging balance and strength holds will progress towards Acro Dance combinations.  

 Youth Acro l: "Acro FUNdamentals": Ages 8-10 Progressive training and building upon Acro skillsets will eventually include an introduction to cartwheel variations, walkovers and handsprings.  Class will focus on improving strength, flexibility and coordination.  Introduction of conditioning exercises (for example: sit ups, push ups and conditioning) will be included in class in addition to Acro Dance combinations.      

Junior & Teen Acro ll:  Advancing Acro skill sets with a concentration on both technical and artistic proficiency; introduction of ariel awareness will include advancement in cartwheel variations, walkovers and handsprings.  Class will focus on incorporating strength, flexibility and coordination into contemporary Acro dance pieces.   Introduction of more challenging conditioning exercises and Acro Dance combinations.